University Records

The Colgate University Archives is the official repository for the non-current permanent records of enduring value for Colgate University. Its mission is to identify, collect, appraise, describe, preserve, and make available these university records in compliance with policies approved by Colgate University's Board of Trustees and administration. Therefore, the University Archives is vested with the authority to work with campus offices and departments to transfer to the Archives materials that are of enduring value to the institution.

Transferring Your Records

By transferring your permanent records to the Archives, you ensure that your office is part of Colgate's history. The University Archives can help you determine what records have permanent value and will assist with the transfer of records from your office to the Archives.

This Records Transfer Form documents the transfer of material from your university office/department to the Archives. Please complete one form for each box when preparing materials for transfer to the archives. If possible, please include a box contents/folder list.

There are several ways to physically transfer records to the Archives. Smaller transfers (2 boxes or less) can be hand-delivered to our department by members of your staff or you can arrange to have them picked up at your offices by an archivist. For larger transfers, we recommend you submit a work order to Facilities to have the boxes moved. All boxes moved by Facilities should be sturdy, packed securely, and labeled for delivery using the following label template (two labels per sheet). No matter which option you choose, please be sure to contact our office in advance of the transfer to ensure someone is here to accept the boxes.

If you need to transfer electronic records, please contact the University Archivist.

Surveying Your Records

The Colgate University Archives is always willing to work with individual departments, programs, and administrative offices to identify, transfer, and preserve records of enduring value to the University Archives. A records survey, or the process of gathering basic information about an organization's records, including their quantity, form, location, physical condition, storage facilities, rate of accumulation, and associated business processes, is the first step in this process. Please contact the University Archivist to schedule a records survey.

For Academic Departments: The following questionnaire has been devised for academic departments, and may be completed in place of, or in advance of, scheduling a records survey meeting with the University Archivist.