The University Libraries will now support Zotero. Users who create an account with a colgate.edu address will receive unlimited storage.

The Libraries have created a guide for using Zotero.

Colgate University’s subscription to RefWorks will expire at the end of December 2019 and will not be renewed.

This decision was made because:

  • There has been a steady decline in RefWorks usage
  • RefWorks' redesign requires all of our users to migrate their accounts and learn a new interface 
  • There are many other free or low-cost alternatives

Please contact us with questions or concerns.  

Migrating Your Citations to Zotero


By request (please contact us)


How can I maintain the folders I have in RefWorks?

There is no way to export your folder structure from RefWorks into a new citation manager. If you wish to keep your folder structure, you can recreate your folder structure in the new citation manager and export references one folder at a time from RefWorks into your new citation manager.

How can I transfer my PDFs to a new citation manager?

RefWorks doesn’t have an automatic bulk pdf export option. You will need to download your pdf’s from RefWorks onto your computer and then import the pdf’s into your new citation manager.

How do I export from other databases? Is there a direct export option?

Zotero has browser-based import functions that allows you to import from your database of interest.

Can I access the new citation manager from any computer?

Yes, Zotero will be installed on all public computers in the library. In addition, you may use ZoteroBib to build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.

Can I import items from the library catalog?

Yes, you can import items to Zotero from the library catalog.  You use the Zotero save button as you would in any other database.

How can I collaborate with others and share folders?

Zotero offers unlimited number of members in group.

Can I sign up and pay for an individual account with RefWorks?

RefWorks does not offer individual accounts at this time.