Course Reserves for Faculty

Course materials can be made available in hard copy at Case-Geyer and Cooley Science libraries or electronically via Moodle.

Course Reserves Form


Items placed on reserve must adhere to the Libraries’ Copyright Policy.

After all initial submissions have been processed, staff are usually able to make reserve items available within two business days. If digitization is needed this can take longer.

Faculty-owned materials cannot be removed from the Libraries overnight without your written permission prior to checkout.

Items borrowed from another library or rented cannot be placed on reserve.

Circulation staff will stamp all physical copies with a copyright notice: “Notice: This material may be protected by copyright law. (Title 17 U.S. Code).”

Loan Periods

2 hours

4 hours (applied to all film & sound recordings)

24 hours

3 days


What can be placed on Reserve?


Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Film & Sound Recordings

Books owned by the Libraries Articles available through Colgate Libraries' Journal Finder All films scheduled for class viewing are put on 4-hour Case Library use only reserves*
Books & other items owned by faculty member


Articles available freely online ♦ Library owned media
eBooks owned by the libraries Articles not available online ♦ Faculty owned media
Books not owned by the libraries or faculty member Book Chapter owned by Libraries Media not owned by the Libraries
  Book Chapter owned by faculty member *Sciences Faculty may place DVDs on reserve at the Cooley Science Library. Please allow extra time for processing and for scheduled showings.


Digitization of Video Clips

The Colgate University Libraries and ITS will digitize video clips for faculty to use in teaching and will be made available to stream for in-class viewing.

NOTE: Clips are made available for internal teaching, research, and educational uses only and not for external distribution. The service is not for entire videos* but only for short scenes or collections of scenes. The standard for copying a video without copyright permission for a first use is three minutes or 10% of the total work, whichever is less. Video clip requests are processed in the order they are received and will require a minimum of one week.
*If the requester can produce permissions, owns the copyright, or other rights apply larger portions may be digitized.

Viewing Your Reserve List

You can search for your hard copy reserve lists in the online catalog by instructor, course name, or course number. As soon as items are placed on reserve, they will appear in the catalog.

For electronic reserves, see your Moodle course page. Faculty members need to activate viewing privileges for their students through the Moodle interface.