Special Collections and University Archives 
Duplication Policy

The policies listed here are intended to provide researchers with the fullest access possible to the collections in Special Collections and University Archives while maintaining the physical and intellectual integrity of the materials.

Digital Camera Policy

Researchers may use a digital camera to take images of materials for personal study only. This use must adhere to all collection restrictions. The use of a flash is not permitted and all audible sounds must be turned off. Materials must be handled in accordance with all handling rules stated above. Patrons are responsible for recording citation information for the materials. No collection or volume may be imaged in its entirety. Images may not be deposited or transferred to another archives, library or other institution without permission. Personal scanners are not permitted.

Duplication Requests

Duplication requests are granted at the discretion of Special Collections and University Archives personnel and are completed by department personnel. Duplications may not be transferred to or deposited with another archives, library, or other institution without the written permission of the Head of Special Collections & University Archives.

Single duplications of an item can be made for a researcher’s personal use if the process will not damage the original or infringe on copyright or donor agreements. Duplication requests may be initiated by contacting Special Collections and University Archives, or by sending a completed Duplication Request Form to a member of our staff. Most orders will be completed within three weeks, and large orders may take longer. Digital duplication orders for bound materials and oversize items (larger than 11x17 inches) will incur a $20.00 setup fee in addition to regular duplication charges. Photocopying generally is not provided for rare books, photographic materials, fragile items, or oversized materials.


  Colgate Students, Faculty, and Staff* Non-Colgate Users
High quality scan (flatbed scanner) No charge  $5.00 USD per image
High quality scan (bound materials, oversize items) No charge $5.00 USD per image plus $20.00 USD setup fee
Research quality scan (PDF) No charge $0.50 USD per page
Photocopy 10 pages per week - no charge $0.50 USD per page
International postage for photocopies   $20.00 USD

* For university-sponsored projects or coursework. Regular fees apply for personal use.


High quality scans are provided as 600 dpi tiff files. Other resolutions and file formats are available by request. Digital files generally are delivered via DropBox.