The University has arranged for campus-wide access to the New York Times website and mobile app.  All current students and employees are eligible. If you are not already a subscriber to, you can activate your account here. You will be asked to create an account on using your Colgate email address and a unique password.


  • Q: I am a student. I already signed up for an account through the SGA. Do I need to do anything?
  • A: Yes.  On Friday, February 26th, existing subscriptions will be canceled. To re-activate your account, use the link above and use the "Already have an account? Log in here" link. Sign in using your existing password.


  • Q: I pay for my own account. Can I switch?
  • A: Yes! You'll need to cancel your existing subscription by contacting the NYTime's customer care department: / 800-591-9233. Once that's done, you can re-activate your account here. If your existing account uses your email address, use the "Already have an account? Log in here" link on the sign-up page, and enter your current password. If you used another email address for your personal subscription, you can instead create a new account using your Colgate email address. 


  • Q: Great! I have activated my account. Do I need to go in through the Libraries website every time?
  • A: No. You only need to use the link above to activate your subscription. Once you have done that, you can sign in to the New York Times website or mobile app using your email address and the password you created during account creation from anywhere, on or off campus.


  • Q: When will my subscription expire?
  • A:  Subscriptions expire 1 year after activation. After a year, you will be prompted to re-authenticate your account using the link above.


  • Q: I have another question. Who can I ask?
  • A: Questions about activating your account can be directed to Mark Sandford at  Questions about using the website or mobile app should be directed to the New York Times Customer Care.