Colgate's Library Automated Storage

Retrieval System is LASR, the vault

containing LASR is three stories high

and around a hundred and fifteen feet

long LASR has the capacity of holding

550,000 volumes and over 4,000 bins. Each

bin is two foot by four feet ranging in

height from 6 to 14 inches there are two

aisles each with its own automated

retrieval machine or arm. LASR

currently holds over 370,000 items such

as lower use books, all bound periodicals

VHS tapes, DVDs, vinyl records, tapes, CDs,

and, microfilms LASR has its own

database that assigns a bin location to

each item stored LASR exchanges data

with the catalog to assure accurate

retrieval and gives real-time status

message for our patrons. Just

click a button in the system and type in

their names to request items from LASR

it identifies items by unique barcodes

and use the barcode to link its records

to our online catalog from the time of

patron request an item the system takes

15 to 30 seconds to identify its

location and deliver it to the LASR

operator the arm’s maximum speed is about

40 miles an hour laser and is in operation

virtually every day of the academic year

delivery to the circulation desk usually

takes five to ten minutes with minimal

unscheduled downtime LASR handles

thousands of transactions a year making

LASR a valuable resource in our library.