Case Library East Entrance facing the admissions building

Request & Pick-Up

“Request” an item in Colgate Libraries’ catalog and pick up books and other materials inside the third floor East entrance of Case-Geyer, facing the James B. Colgate Hall.

Your name will be on your item(s).  Materials from both Case-Geyer and the Cooley Science Library can be picked up at this same location. 

Pick-up times are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.

Interlibrary Loan

Colgate University Libraries are continuing to provide digitized articles and book chapters. Although we are unlikely to receive requested physical materials at this time due to library closures across the country and the world, we can scan chapters as needed for ILL items that have already arrived or have already been shipped. 

In the case that you receive a notification that a physical item has arrived at Case Library, please email Lisa King ( A scan of the table of contents will be sent to you. From there, you can contact Lisa and let her know what chapter(s) you would like scanned.

Loan requests WILL continue, but as academic libraries across the country remain closed due to COVID-19 patrons should expect a significant delay.

Extended Loan Period and Return of Materials

Due-dates for all Colgate-owned library materials will automatically be extended until August 10, 2020. If students or faculty are not able to return materials to the library by the due-date overdue fees will be waived once the item is returned.

Return of Materials while Case and Cooley Libraries are closed 

If you are on campus, library materials may be returned to the book return located inside the third floor East entrance of Case-Geyer, facing James B. Colgate Hall and the book drop located outside of the Cooley Science Library.

Please do NOT return Colgate books, DVDs, etc. via mail or other delivery service; the Library will not charge for items that go to overdue/lost status as long as they are returned when you are able to return to campus. 

If you are not able to return to campus in the foreseeable future items may be shipped back to the Library at:

Attn: Case Library or Cooley Library

13 Oak Drive

Hamilton, NY, 13346

Course Reserves and Digitization of Course Materials for Faculty

Faculty may request course materials be made available electronically via Moodle from both Case-Geyer and Cooley Science libraries.

The library will attempt to purchase an electronic version or streaming copy of materials needed for reserve use.  We will only order a print copy if the title is not available as an ebook with more than 1 simultaneous user.  You may request them using the Media Order Request or contacting the Acquisitions Department. Please be sure to indicate that the item is for reserve and the course number.

Document Delivery 

Faculty and students may request print journal articles, book chapters, and other documents to be scanned from the Colgate University Libraries' collections.

What CAN be requested?

  • - Journal articles 
  • - Table of contents
  • - Book chapters 

What CAN'T be requested?

  • - Items from Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA)
  • - Items too fragile or brittle for scanning

Students, faculty, and staff with disabilities may be eligible for additional modifications of library services. Please contact Debbie Krahmer, the Accessible Technology and Government Documents Librarian, for more information and assistance. 

Copyright and Fair Use during a crisis

In providing the digitization services we must follow relevant copyright laws. However, due to the current public health crisis due to COVID-19, copyright laws may be interpreted more leniently for scholarly use. 

As long as Colgate Libraries are being thoughtful, providing good copyright information when asked, and limiting activities to specific, time-bound needs of instructors and students for the rest of the semester, CUL has space to support our faculty and students at this moment. In doing so, we are applying fair use prudently and managing risk sensibly but we are not crafting permanent policy.

*Fair use is a flexible limitation on copyright which states “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106” (the copyright owner’s rights) “the fair use of a copyrighted work…for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” is not an infringement of copyright. 

Statement on Fair Use and emergency remote teaching