Colgate University Libraries Printing Policy

Printers are expensive to purchase and maintain. Their primary purpose is to support research and coursework and they are a resource shared by many.
If you need to duplicate materials or have a very large printing job (in excess of 50 doublesided sheets), please use Document and Mail Services in the lower level of O’Connor Campus Center: contact them at 228-7487 or 

We reserve the right to cancel print jobs that are more appropriately handled by Document and Mail Services. 

Color Printing
Colgate students or faculty may print a limited number of color pages to support academic purposes at the Case Library Borrowing Services Desk or the Cooley Library Circulation Desk. Please see a library staff member to release your print job.

Users needing extensive printing, printing of non-academic materials, or multiple copies of materials, and all non-Colgate patrons needing color printing, should contact Document Services in the O’Connor Campus Center. 

A color copier is available on Level 3 of Case-Geyer to reproduce materials already in print for $1.00 per page.

Supported uses for Colgate students and faculty              
Where use is compliant with copyright and color is significant to understanding the content and where the printed document is part of academic work.

Unsupported uses for all patrons              
Anything that does not fit the guidelines above, including:

  • Printing more than one copy. 
  • Printing of documents not associated with academic work (e.g., event flyers, whether or not it is a University-sponsored event).
  • Printing where color is not significant to understanding the content even if the document is used for academic work.
  • Printing very long documents (in excess of 50 single-sided sheets) even where color is significant and the document is used for academic work.

Please direct comments or questions to the “Ask a Librarian” service.