Plasma Screen Policy

The Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology (Case-Geyer) is equipped with five plasma monitors:

  • Two on Level 3 – one on either side of the Main Stair
  • Two on Level 5 – one on each side of the central computer area in the Hieber Learning Commons
  • One in the Level 5 Heiber Cafe -- only plays CNN.

Content for the plasma screen is managed by Concerto (a network based video display system).


Guidelines for Use

  • All content must be approved before posting on any of the plasma screens via Axis TV. Please direct all content submissions to: (COOP) or (Case-Geyer).
  • Use of the plasma screens in Case-Geyer is primarily for informational and promotion materials supplied by Colgate University Libraries and Information Technology Services. Secondary use is to provide a service to students, faculty, and staff regarding internal CU events. Examples include guest lectures, workshops, concerts, and events sponsored by student organization. We will also include public service announcements or advertisements, which raise awareness of a specific issue to the whole community or sections within it. In general, it will not be used for any commercial purpose. Requests for secondary use announcements on the plasma screens in Case-Geyer will be permitted when airing does not conflict with primary use.
  • Content must be appropriate and open to the Colgate community, and presented in a timely manner. Plan ahead, and submit your items 5-10 days before the event. Submissions after this time-frame may not be posted immediately.
  • Messages with grammatical errors will be returned for revision before approval is given.
  • Slide placement is at the discretion of the Libraries and ITS. Materials are ordinarily displayed on all four screens; however, some materials, due to length, may be restricted to a single screen.
  • The Libraries and ITS reserves the right to edit or deny offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Content can be provided in a variety of formats, including pdf, avi, gifs, jpegs, and ppt. If you are unsure whether the format of your content is suitable for use with the Concerto system, please email, or call the Helpline for immediate service.

Examples of appropriate content include:

  • departmental and group promotional materials
  • sports and special event information, e.g. performances, lectures, etc.
  • student produced media, e.g., videos, artwork, etc.
  • important dates or academic deadlines

Inappropriate content includes:

  • personal messages or items for sale
  • non Colgate-related material
  • offensive material

Content Guidelines

Text should include the name of the event, time/date, location, a brief description (10-12 words), and a "for more information" contact number or email. Powerpoint slides, jpgs, gifs and pngs should be in landscape format (16:9) to best fit on the screen. The default size is 1024x768.


Video: Video should be submitted as a YouTube or Vimeo link. Audio is not available on the Case-Geyer plasma screens, so please subtitle your work if it requires audio.


Deadline: Screens are updated once per week. Please submit your items 5-10 days before the event. Items will run for up to two weeks, including one day after the event. If you would like your items to play longer, you can add it to your submission (no longer than one semester).


Hieber Cafe TV Guidelines

Because the Hieber Café is used as a study space for individuals and as a meeting space for small groups, the use of the Café TV plasma screen will be approved by the Library Administration only for exceptional events.  Broadcasts related to the curriculum and to major national or international events of importance will be given priority. 

The control box for the Cafe TV Plasma is in the Staff Lounge (accessible with a Libraries/ITS public key). It controls both the volume of the audio and the cable station. By default, the plasma is set to CNN. Currently, Closed Captioning is not available, and audio is only controlled from within the Staff Lounge.


Requests to turn on the display can be sent to Wendy Falls ( in the Library Administration office.   Please include the date and times/duration you'd like the display to be on, what channel you'd like to play, what the event is, and why you are requesting it.   If it is a significant event (election results, inauguration, news conferences, class-related materials, etc.), a notice about the event will be placed on the Libraries' News & Events blog, inviting the community to attend.


System Management

Technical questions about the system should be directed to their offices via the Helpline.


Based on a draft by Clarence Maybee, updated by Debbie Krahmer with suggestions from Charlotte Droll and Dave Baird. Reviewed by Joanne A. Schneider, University Librarian, 6/8/10. Approved by Library Faculty, 7/22/10. Updated 5/4/2016