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Dates of Coverage: varies You may only access and use the ARTstor Digital Library, and any content in the Library, for educational and scholarly uses that are noncommercial in nature. Commercial uses are strictly prohibited. Content in Electronic Format Must be on Access Restricted Sites - No Posting to Unrestricted Websites on the World Wide Web. If you make content from ARTstor available electronically (whether alone or incorporated into other materials), it must be in an access-restricted, password-protected site, so that only persons authorized under the Terms and Conditions of Use may access the site. Remote users must use VPN to access this resource. Allow copies of prints? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Can be used in Course Packs? Yes Downloads allowed? Yes Email downloaded items? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Emailing records allowed? Yes ILL allowed? Yes Number of Licenses: unlimited Print allowed? Yes Remote access allowed? Yes Reserves allowed? Yes Restrictions? CU only Walk-in (non-Colgate) use allowed? Yes