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Women Writers Project

Dates of Coverage: 1400-1850 Authorized users may use downloaded files and WWP transcriptions in products intended for sale with the written permission of the WWP, and such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. For academic projects such as scholarly editions the fee for such use will be nominal. For commercial re-use WWP may charge a fee or royalty based on anticipated distribution and price of the publication. Authorized users (including the campus bookstore or photocopy center) may include printer materials in course packets which will be resold within the Colgate campus, without separate permission from the WWP, during the term of this agreement. Authorized users may download and redeliver electronic materials in SGML or HTML from the Textbase, as long as Colgate maintains internal access pages which provide reasonable identification of the WWP as source and owner of the Textbase, including a link to the WWP website. Any materials photocopied for interlibrary loan must retain the WWP cover sheet. Allow copies of prints? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Can be used in Course Packs? No Downloads allowed? Yes Email downloaded items? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Emailing records allowed? No ILL allowed? Yes ILL Limits: Print copies only. CONTU Guidelines Number of Licenses: unlimited Print allowed? Yes Remote access allowed? Yes Reserves allowed? Yes Restrictions? CU only Walk-in (non-Colgate) use allowed? Yes