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African American Newspapers: 19th Century

Dates of Coverage: 1827-1862 Includes the right to electronically display the database, the right to print extracts from the database for the purpose of study and research, the right to include materials in electronic reserves for Colgate classes, and the right to download small portions of the database. User may include portions of the database in any article appearing in a printed journal or other publication so long as Accessible Archive receives appropriate attribution. Allow copies of prints? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Can be used in Course Packs? No Downloads allowed? Yes Email downloaded items? Yes, within copyright restrictions. Emailing records allowed? Yes ILL allowed? No ILL Limits: ILL not permitted Number of Licenses: unlimited Print allowed? Yes Remote access allowed? Yes Reserves allowed? Yes Restrictions? CU only Walk-in (non-Colgate) use allowed? Yes