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These tutorials will help you with different aspects of your research.  They all allow you to save your work
and they use both text and audio.

  • Quest for Questions - will teach you to develop research questions
  • Academic Honesty - will teach you about Colgate University's Academic Honor Code
  • Unlocking Keywords - will teach you how to come up with different keywords and improve your searching
  • Special Collections & University Archives - will teach you how to best utilize Colgate University's Special Collections & University Archives
  • Citing Beyond the Book - will teach you how to cite social media, data, and special collections materials
    in MLA or APA formats
  • Topic Selection - will teach you how to choose a great research topic
    • Finding Images - will teach you which tools to use to find quality images.
    • Interpreting Images - will teach you basics of visual grammar and interpreting images
    • Evaluating Images - will show you how to identify an image's source, analyze its contextual information, and consider the implications of its use.