Books on the move in Case-Geyer

We would like to update you on the migration of books in Case-Geyer as we reorganize materials.  

The reference collection has been reduced in size from about 18,000 volumes to the approximately 5,000 volumes which showed the greatest use.  Most of the titles were transfered to the Case Main stacks.  A small number of superceded or obsolete titles have been selected for faculty review early in the fall semester and, after the reveiw, will be weeded if not needed. 

There was no space remaining to shelve new titles in the N's (Art books) in Case Main on level 4.  The collection had grown substantially since we moved into the rennovated building 8 years ago and we did not transfer lower use titles to the LASR storage system as browsing of the images is very important for these titles.  To create space, we have moved the M's (Music books and scores) down to level 3 in the tall shelving on the East side of the floor.  The TR's (Photography) books have been moved to the East side of Level 4.  Staff are now shifting the art books to distribute the books across the available space.  

Over the coming year, we will be planning a major shift of the entire collection.   The final configuration of the Case Main stacks will depend on decsions on possible rennovation and expansion of Special Collections and Archives but will result in the M's and TR's being integrated into the Case Main stacks in alphabetic order. Some of the H's (Social Sciences) titles will be moved to the East side of Level 3 filling the shelving formerly used for Reference.